Terms of Use

NetSolutions cannot be held accountable for any information hosted on its servers.
Any site of an offensive character will be rejected by NetSolutions. It is forbidden to use programs or files that can be considered exploits, cracks, heavy downloads, nukers, flooders, game servers, shoutcasts, socks, or that constitute misuse of our services and/or servers. You may not run any programs, scripts or background software on shared hosting accounts, only PHP scripts may be placed in crontab. It is not allowed to host content related to tournaments or contests on the shared hosting accounts without prior consent from Dotsi. The disrespect of these rules may imply the immediate termination of the service without compensation or refund.
NetSolutions does not perform backups of the services provided to its customers, the customer must make the backups they deem necessary through a service provided in the Control Panel of their hosting account, or manually by other means(s) if the account is a shell account. NetSolutions therefore advises you to always have a backup of your files and cannot be held responsible for any loss of information.
NetSolutions servers may under no circumstances be involved in sending mass and/or unsolicited e-mail that could be considered spam. You must fully comply with the general rules accepted on the Internet. You must not copy software or other copyrighted material, attempt to violate the security of any user or computer, or perform other actions that could cause embarrassment. The account possessed by you is for your personal, non-transferable use only. For security reasons, you should not share access to your account for purposes unrelated to the legitimate development of your site. The space provided in the shared hosting service is intended exclusively for hosting websites and their content, necessary for its proper functioning. Any shared hosting account that consumes resources above normal, compromising the proper functioning of the server and/or network, will be suspended and cancelled. Alternatively, the customer can migrate to a dedicated hosting plan (VPS or dedicated server). NetSolutions does not authorize the presence on its servers of content of pornographic, pedophilic or suggestive nature of these themes or other equivalent. Both hosted material and hyperlinks pointing to places where these themes exist are expressly prohibited.
The customer guarantees that all data and information provided by them is true. NetSolutions is in no way responsible for the data and information provided by the customer on its web pages.
To report abuses related to our services and/or servers please use the email address mail@netsolutions.asia
NetSolutions reserves the right to interrupt its services for the necessary time, giving prior notice to the client, for maintenance operations and / or other interventions that it deems essential.
NetSolutions reserves the right to refuse or cancel the provision or renewal of any service, without justification in its final decision. If the service is cancelled after account activation, the customer will be refunded the remainder of the period paid for the account in question.
The customer has 3 working days after the day of account activation to make the payment for the service he has requested. After this period the customer will no longer have access to his files, and after 5 working days the account will be permanently deleted. The customer must ensure that payment is delivered to NetSolutions, and NetSolutions will not be held responsible for incorrect bank transfers or lost payments by money order, check or other method.
None of the payments made when subscribing to the service are refundable, except in cases duly noted. In case of prolonged service failure without any justification and/or prior notice, the customer will be compensated with services provided by NetSolutions.
NetSolutions will suspend the service provided to the customer whenever the customer does not fully comply with the rules described in these Terms of Service. In most cases, the customer will have 3 working days to resolve the situation in question. After this period, if the situation is still unresolved, the account will be deleted. If the account in question is directly or indirectly affecting the proper functioning of our services, it may be suspended immediately and the customer will be notified by NetSolutions.
NetSolutions's primary concerns are the privacy and protection of all customer data. All data that customers provide to NetSolutions is intended solely and exclusively for matters related to its services and is used only by the company. At no time will NetSolutions provide such data to third parties, except when requested under legal orders. The privacy policy of NetSolutions thus falls under the situations foreseen by the applicable law.