About NetSolutions


Who we are


Net Solutions is a Macanese company, established in the IT & Internet industries and expanding in the APAC, EMEA and AMER markets since 2018. Net Solutions is part of APNIC and multiple Internet eXchanges worldwide.

Providing the most up-to-date and advanced Internet solutions, the quality of our services is assured by 24×7 high-performance servers and state-of-the-art networking equipment, all backed by a team of experts.

Through automation we provide highly reliable services with better bandwidth and latency for different regions, while maintaining an outstanding price/quality ratio.


Why choose NetSolutions?


Combining this technical infrastructure with a team of excellent professionals willing to partner with and help clients achieve their goals, it is part of our mission to provide the best of Internet solutions, continuously evolving to surpass our clients’ expectations.

We specialize in services like Cloud, Data Center, Web Hosting, Cyber Security, CDN, Streaming, and other ISP-related services, having customers from the most varied industries.